“I am the guy you hire to get things done, because of my variety of skills paired with professional experience.”

Has over 14 years of professional experience in post-production, moved up ranks by holding multiple titles. A rare explorer in the field and a rapid self-learner. Was first introduced to digital file distribution in 1998 by wanting to preserve and share VHS video content to friends and family. Fueled by fun and passion, now services major studios such as, Warner Bros., Paramount, Focus Features, Disney, and Sony. Able to delegate and receive work to and from multiple departments. Accustomed to a fast-paced environment, and recognized for exceeding expectations by producing high volume of work without degradation of quality. Handles multiple projects simultaneously while meeting strict deadlines. Interacts with high-end and executive clients with ease, a can do, and ‘how may I help you’ attitude. With a wide range of skills at hand and being fueled by passion, has the ability to adapt in the past, present, and future situations to meet goals. It’s true what day say, if you’re really passionate about something, you’ll be able to accomplish it. The best way to learn is never say, impossible. Understand the assets that you have, and not the assets you don’t have. “Identify and live your passion and the rest will just follow – it always does”.


Windows & Macintosh OS and Hardware
Adobe (Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Encore, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Soundbooth)
Final Cut 7/X Suite
Avid Media Composer
Sonic Scenarist BD/Cinevision (Blu-ray) (2D & 3D)
DVS Clipster (Digital Cinema Packages, Dailies)
Video On Demand & Metadata Creation (Comcast, Dish, Netflix, AT&T, Hulu, Amazon)
Sorenson, Discreet Cleaner, Toast Titanium
Digital Rapids (StreamZ), Zenium, Rhozet (Carbon Coder)
NexGuard Forensic Watermarking
Rimage/Everest (Software and Hardware troubleshooting)
HTML, JavaScript, CSS (Basic)


Digital Media • Digital Marketing & Distribution • Social Media • Marketing Analytics • Workflow Simplification • Event Production • Video Editing • Graphic Design • Websites • Consulting • Training • Tutorials • Creative New Ideas • Freelance • More details upon request!

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“The person who says it cannot be done, should not interrupt the person doing it.”


Post Production Company – Burbank, California, USA

Head of Special Projects (2003 – Present)

  • Build and Create automated workflows to speed up multiple departments’ output processes and cut down on errors.
  • Bug testing proprietary apps built by LADB to ensure a streamlined workflow, meets industry standards, and measure high security features for unreleased content.
  • Designed a temporary logo for StreamD.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) production & post-production consulting for traditional and live broadcast.
  • Create & deliver necessary formats for Dolby Atmos Home and Cinema… 5.1 +2, from theatrical materials.
  • Hand in hand collaboration with Scenarist on UHD BD, and HDR research for 4k HDR disc distribution in post production facilities.
  • 4k, UHD, SDR, HDR, and UHD blu-ray workflow and distribution collaboration with studios. Understand every studio’s needs and vendors to create a universal file from beginning to end with any destination. HEVC implementation.
  • Works hand in hand with Warner Bros. Anti-Piracy team during investigation and forensic research when un-authorized materials are leaked.
  • Head of special projects unit for a ground breaking PPV tool soon to be called ScreeningNOW. Platform, distribution, marketing, revenue, shares, and affiliates all in one.
  • Designed custom UI (User Interface) and worked closely with developers to simplify customer navigation throughout. Custom design, custom built, local, domestic, and within the company.
  • Creating a newly (specific) digital content workflow distribution for major studios such as, Warner Bros., Paramount, MGM, and Amazon. Helped minimize time and cost.
  • Worked with Apple Solution Engineer and Business Team in assisting and educating Apple business partners on the new post-production workflow with the new Mac-Pro and Final Cut X.
  • Create secure custom applications, which meet major studios’ strict security guidelines for delivering digital content via the web.
  • Digitize, design, program, and collaborate with the show’s top level executives in producing the Annual Academy Awards (OSCARS) DVDs and Blu-rays since 2003.
  • Develop Blu-ray and DVD trailers packaging for major studios to be used for clearance and marketing purposes.
  • Assisted in finishing and color correcting feature trailers for Paramount.
  • Created fully edited electronic press kits for upcoming Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D and DVD releases for Warner Home Video.
  • Encode, transcode, and convert any media source into any desired format.
  • Schedule and delegate time sensitive projects to a team of 12.
  • Created and implemented new workflows for digital media distribution, DVD, and Blu-ray authoring, Video on Demand content creation, quality control, and security protocols for major studios, speeding up each process by more than 50%.
  • Worked with Warner Bros. publicity team in the marketing of Ninja Assassin, which generated $13 million dollars opening weekend.
  • Worked closely with Warner Bros. marketing executives in editing the rough cut publicity footage for Clash of the Titans; the final footage was later shown at Comic-Con.

Apple Store (Pasadena) Post Production Workshop 1 – Covered the basics of post production and migration to the new Mac Pro. – Read More

Apple Store Post (Pasadena) Production Workshop 2 – How the new Mac Pro has streamlined post production workflows.

Culture Japan – Tokyo, Japan

Associate Producer (2011 – Present) (http://www.dannychoo.com/feature/en/culturejapan)

  • Licensing opportunities and collaboration in the United States.
  • Smart Dolls – Mirai – Kizuna – Chitose – Ebony – Ivory – Harmony (https://shop.smartdoll.jp/)
  • Setup booth for Culture Japan for 7 years at Anime Expo.
  • Exposed to manufacturing Figures and Dolls, from start to finish. Good Smile Company & Smart Dolls.
  • Working together with multiple and various types of events from big to small in spreading Japanese Culture around the world. Anime Expo, Anime Impulse, Riot Games, NC Soft, Kinokuniya, Good Smile Company, etc…
  • Introduced new ideas to diversify Anime Expo 2014 by bringing video game companies and costume designers.
  • Consulted for Riot Merch during the beta-stage in the “figures” and “apparel” category, to deliver premium quality merchandise. Contacted direct owners of manufacturers and made deals for a cost effective workflow.
  • Organized and produced Riot Games Panel, “How Champions Are Made” at Anime Expo 2014.
  • Collaborated with Culture Japan’s CEO to setup company’s first U.S. booth. With my contribution to the layout, design, and marketing, the booth garnered over 62,000 attendees in 4 days and sold all merchandise during the first day of the event.
  • Assisted Anime Expo’s CEO in creating an itasha vehicle with Culture Japan’s marketing materials in 2012.
  • Worked with Mnet, an Asian American broadcasting company, to air Culture Japan across the U.S. Also created a workflow, which enables the show contents to be easily distributed in the U.S.
  • Worked directly with the director on the editing process for Culture Japan season 2.
  • Traveled to Japan to assist the director in the creation of new episodes.

Culture Japan Team 2013 – Read More

Riot Games Panel – “How Champions Are Made” – Read More


N.A.P. Entertainment – Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

BTS (Behind The Scenes) Photographer & Post-Production Associate (USA) (2016) (http://napenter.com/)

• Behind the scenes photographer for an upcoming Korean Music Video, “Hook Ga” by High4:20.
• Coordinated, created, and delivered all files necessary for editing after the filming to Korea.
• Supervised Post Production Process: Quality checked color, edit, and look of the music video. Teaser | Full
• BTS Photos featured in Melon. Korea’s No.1 Music Website.


Aimee Lee Lucas “M.V.P.” – North Hollywood, California, USA

Editor/ Photographer/ Journalist (2012) (http://www.aimeeleelucas.com/)

MVP with Rino Nakasone – “MR. TAXI” – Read More

MVP with Lydia Paek – “ONE OF A KIND” – Read More


Mnet America (CJ Entertainment) – Culver City, California, USA

Consultant/Talent (2011 – 2015) (http://www.mnetamerica.com/)

May 18, 2015 – Jun. 18, 2015
• Push started the company to acquire MPAA certification.
• Presented recommended equipment and setup for high security standards. Networking, Firewall, Permission, Limited Access, and Roles.
• Built a detailed list of required and recommended materials.

photo credit: 4dx official
Photo credit: 4DX Official

Oct 8, 2012 to Nov 2, 2012
• Assisted Mnet Marketing Team to fix last minute files resulting in on-time launch at K-Con.
• Transcoded over 141 hours of HD and SD files. Each episodes needed 4 different file formats.
• Worked with CJ Entertainment in Korea to ensure that files are compliant with M-Cube specifications.

Project K-pop
Jan 23, 2012 to Mar 25, 2012
• A contestant for the show. (Team – Aimee)
• Worked with Aimee Lee Lucas on the dance choreography for Taeyang’s – “Wedding Dress”, KARA’s – “Step Up”, and 2NE1’s – “I’m The Best”.

Read More

Culture Japan
May 17, 2011 to Jul 5, 2011
• Collaborated with marketing department to generate ideas on promoting Mnet America at Anime Expo 2011.
• Worked closely with the Senior Vice President of Programming to maximize shows exposure.
• Recruited K-pop fans to participate in the M-University show.

Read More


Belle-1 Racing Communications – Long Beach, California, USA

Photographer (2005 – 2009) (https://www.facebook.com/BELLE-1-Racing-Communications-176330349078670/)

  • On call photographer and on-site PA.
  • Documented Formula D, and D1 Grand Prix highlights through photos.
  • Helped filmed Best Motoring – USA with ZigZag Asia as an additional videographer.

Culture Japan Team 2013 – Read More


Brian McKnight | Deborah Snyder | Walter Emanuel Jones | Danny Choo

Alodia Gosiengfiao | Crunchyroll Big Bosses | Maridah | Aki Takanori

David So, Olivia Thai, JK Films, Parker | Keiichi Tsuchiya | Manabu Suzuki | Lydia Paek

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