Aimee’s MVP Big Bang – Fantastic Baby

Aimee's MVP Big Bang - Fantastic Baby

Aimee’s first MVP Kpop Dance Class! She taught Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” at Liv’art Dance Studio in North Hollywood. This was her first class and she didn’t charge a dime to the fans, yes the class was FREE. Over 100 people showed up, 195 to be exact. The class had to be split into 2 classes because the studio can only have 100 people. People from all over Los Angeles came to dance, meet new people, and have fun. It was also an opportunity get a chance to meet Aimee Lee Lucas, one of YG Entertainment’s choreographers.

The class was a success and she’s planning to do more. Where do you want her to teach next time? Irvine, Artesia, Torrance, Pomona? Leave a comment and maybe she’ll announce her next class to a town near you! If you took the class please, share your thoughts, suggestions, or even what dance you want to learn next.

For those who attended today, remember to tweet #kpopmvpclass to be considered for a free ticket to KCON.
I can’t wait for the next class with all of you.

-Aimee Lee Lucas

Remember, if you saw yourself here and you want the high res photo, please let me know and I’ll send it your way. Thanks again! Don’t forget to leave a comment!