Anime Expo 2014 Day 1

Day 1. The usual Culture Japan shenanigans on conventions. Got to meet Danny’s AX helper for this year, Samantha, cute. Not much lined up today but red carpet interviews for guest of honors and opening ceremony. I didn’t post the guest intro photos because I forgot my low light skills at home. Spent a good amount of time at the Culture Japan booth to see people’s interest in the Smart Dolls here in the US.

AX grows every year, at least double the amount from previous years. Many moons ago Anime culture in the US was like a forbidden art or a secret society. It wasn’t ready for mainstream and it was also very difficult to get any Anime related merchandise. Today Anime is everywhere in the US, it’s gone mainstream and viral. People use to stay away from the culture, now everyone and anyone wants to be part of it. It’s great!