Anime Expo 2016 – Fashion Show

Probably the craziest fashion show in all of Anime Expo. Teddyloid had a mini concert and everyone jumped on stage dancing! And of course people were booted off, but it took a while. Got into the fashion show this year because BOSS was MC with Junnyan and I was taking photos of the models. DJ Heavygrinder provided the music so the models can strut their stuff. Getting prime spot for taking photos was a bit difficult, but it wasn’t so bad. The other photographers were nice enough to share spots. Majority of the time, the fashion show was more of a comedy show with Danny Choo and Junnyan. They cracked “Japanese Jokes” constantly that made the audience burst out with laughter.

If you see yourself in these photos and want the original copy. Please leave a comment and I’ll gladly send them over.