Apple Store Post Production Workshop 1

Apple Store Glendale Galleria Business contacted me, and asked if I wanted to host and lead an open discussion for their Post Production Workshop… I said yes. The workshop took place at the Apple Store in Pasadena. I covered the basics of post production which are, encoding, transcoding, editing, and output/delivery.
I also talked about the new Mac Pro and how it can streamline any post production workflow by utilizing it’s hardware capabilities to speed up any type of projects from big to small. Majority of the time, customers had issues and questions about Final Cut Pro 7 vs Final Cut Pro X. I covered the pros and cons on both while guiding each customer to a simplified workflow path.

This was my first time, so there were some rough moments that I could have done better. Overall the event was a success and I was able to interact with customers and help solve their issues and guide them to meet their goals.
The next Post Production Workshop will be at the Apple Store 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica on June 19th. These workshops are invite only by Apple.

I’m very grateful and thankful for this opportunity. I will work hard and do my best! Thank you Apple.