AX2014 Riot Games Panel – How Champions Are Made

Really excited about this one… I collaborated with Anime Expo and Riot Games to produce a League of Legends panel for the fans during Anime Expo 2014. This started when Marc, CEO of Anime Expo, invited me to a brainstorming meeting on what they should bring to the table for 2014. Everyone in the room had great ideas, and I brought up inviting Riot Games this year. I got the green light and was fortunate to get in contact with the former Sr. Brand Manager, who is now apparel Lead/Sr. Merch Manager at Riot Games. She is a great person to work with and really loved the idea of having an organic panel where the actual artists, designers, sounds engineers, and animators, talked about how the champions are really made at Anime Expo. With the strong popularity of League of Legends with E-sports, cosplay, merchandise, and millions of players worldwide, by adding the panel, it attracted additional unique visitors.

The panel was a full house and a success. The speakers were able to interact with the fans during the panel, and after the panel. This made the fans appreciate Riot Games’ hard work and dedication to League of Legends.