C-Zone Meet 2010

C-Zone MEET 2010

Something like this does not happen everyday. I got a chance to meet up with Next Corporation, Union Music Japan, and C-Zone during my stay in Tokyo. I first saw C-Zone at the 2009 Anime Expo here in Los Angeles. I bought their “Sweets & Pretty” CD and fell in love with their music. While planning my trip for Japan, I decided to ask if it would be ok to take a tour of Next Corporation. Instead of saying YES for the tour, they planned a meeting with me and C-Zone! My Japanese is not very good, so that made me nervous. Luckily, I have a good friend in Japan, Sayaka Aoki. She was willing to be my translator! ^_^ Thank goodness… I didn’t get a chance to take lots of pictures, but the meeting went very well, fun I might add. I did also manage to film some footage while I was there. I’m still organizing all the toys I bought in Japan. Not to forget the pictures I took need organizing as well. Eeeekkkk <(-___-;<)!

A slide show of some photos I took on my 2010 Japan Trip and a message from C-Zone to their fans!
[Snow Breeze Single – [キミへの贈り物, kimi no okurimon]

Special thanks to: Tomoyuki Sagawa, Chiharu Nagashima, Takanori Sasaki, C-Zone, and Sayaka Aoi.
Reference from: Union Music Japan, and C-Zone Official Website.