E3 – 2016

Besides the news that’s already been talked about… The major things to see this year are playable games that have been postponed or canceled last year… This year’s E3 theme is, “have a release date“. Anything new this year? Nothing really… No new console(s) or upgrade(s), no 4k, no HDR, but on the bright side, lots of VR! Oh, Pokemon and Zelda too. Fun playable demos to look for are, Final Fantasy XV, Zelda, GT Sport, Ghost Recon, Forza, Star Ocean, Recore, everything there, and anything VR where they fully immerse you. If you like trying out games before the public, please go, lots of those!

Sadly I didn’t get much time to play any of the demos, even my favorite… Final Fantasy XV. I did get to see new footage and the summoning of Titan. This year I came because of business meetings. I’ve been requested by a few big name companies to collaborate with. Sorry folks, no deets, because NDA.

That being said, you’re welcome to comment below some question you might have and I will gladly answer them. Question from Final Fantasy 7, or XV. Ask any questions about E3 and the currently video game industry and I will answer them. I don’t talk about the hush hush widely and openly, but ask and you shall receive ^^