E3 – 2017

e3 2017

This year’s E3 announcements where not all that exciting. Pretty much all the upcoming games were announced before E3. I still remember when E3 was the place to announce titles, and not before. Somehow every time I actually go to expect something new and not yet announced, nothing happens. The years I DO NOT go, are usually the years they, the video game companies, have something fresh under their sleeves. Like the year Playstation showed-off Final Fantasy VII Remake for the PS4…

los angeles parking
Seriously? No! Any time there is a huge event like E3, or Anime Expo in Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC), parking prices sky rocket. Here are some straight rules. A block away from the $40 parking, there will be a $30 parking. The farther you go the lower the prices, but never forget, residential parking is free in some areas. So come early to the event to get some less expensive official LACC parking in South Hall, and West Hall.

Despite Final Fantasy VII Remake that not being shown, there were other games as well, The Last of Us 2, Smash Bros. for the Switch, Shenmue 3, and Death Stranding, were also not shown. At least Dissidia is coming soon to PS4.

crash bandicoot
Got a little bit of nostalgia here. There was a Crash Bandicoot booth in the middle of the South Hall lobby… WITH THIS GUY! Not any Crash Bandicoot mascot, THE Crash Bandicoot Original mascot. They actually got the same guy promoting the Playstation 1 back in the day to represent Crash Bandicoot again for the Playstation 4.

Here we go, I found a nice compilation of him back in the day. During the Playstation 1 era.

More of Crash Bandicoot ^_^

monster hunter
Finally! Monster Hunter World for the Playstation, just in the big screen in general. A while back they release Monster Hunter Online. Who played it? I wonder if it will be similar.

For those who went. How many games and which games did you try at this year’s E3?

There were more people this year compared to last year. It could be because E3 is now open to the “public”, publicly. Waiting in lines to play games is similar to waiting in lines at a theme park. Lines vary from 2 to 3 hours depending on which game has the most hype. Some of you should try going to GameStop Expo. Even though GameStop as a company gets a lot of hate about their ways of doing business, GameStop Expo is the best place to actually play unreleased games without waiting in line for 2 hours. Check out my VLOG I made to see what it’s like.