Gangnam Style Flash Mob Rehearsals

Gangnam Style Flash Mob Rehearsals

“HEYYYYYY!! SEXY LADYYY, O-O-O-O OPPA GANGNAM STYLE!” Mnet and Koreaboo collaboration to create Psy’s “Gangnam Style” flash mob event. Mnet announced on their Facebook page that Movement Lifestyle will be teaching the dance choreography. The teacher? Aimee Lee Lucas! Mnet contacted her to prepare Kpop fans from all over who want to participate in the event. I went to Movement Lifestyle to take some photos and see how everyone was doing. Everyone that was learning the dance was amazing, and Aimee always knows how to make it fun.

Mnet and Koreaboo collaborated with Movement Lifestyle and Aimee Lee Lucas to organize a FLASH MOB in LA for PSY’s Gangnam Style. The groups where divided up into 4. Rehearsals took place at Movement Lifestyle’s brand new dance studio in North Hollywood.

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