Kalbi Burger Challenge 2011

Kalbi Burger Challenge 2011

Is it possible to eat FOUR original Kalbi Burgers in 10 minutes? Finding the answer to that question is what the Kalbi Burger Challenge is all about.

I got picked to compete in the Kalbi Burger Challenge 2011. The goal was to eat 4 burgers in 10 minutes. Sounds doable right? Imagine you’re eating at a restaurant naked and everyone is looking at you. Still sound doable? I’ve never been so nervous eating in my life! Sadly, I did not win. I was able to eat 2 and 1/2 burgers in 10 minutes. However, I did have lots of fun meeting everyone that came. Specially the other competitors Tiger Joo, Ai Cherie, Joseph Villaroel, Dex, and the winner Chris Corning.

For more information about Kalbi Burger and the Challenge, please visit Visit Koreatown.