KCON ’12 Daytime

KCON is finally here! I’ve been in the Kpop scene for a while now, since middle school. I used to listen to Baby Vox, SES, HOT, GOD, Fly to the Sky, FINKL, and more… It’s amazing how far Kpop has gone. It’s so different now compared to back then. It’s finally nice to see a Kpop convention. Feels like when Anime Expo first started. What is KCON? – “KCON is the first-ever large scale convention dedicated to the hottest entertainment coming out of Korea including K-pop, K-drama and Korean movies.” So how long have you been a Kpop fan? Who was your first?

With press, not much access, not even with the artist. KCON is very strict on which press gets to interview the artist. Not only that, they are very strict on certain area access too. Understandable… I took a lot of photos and I am going to separate my KCON ’12 post into 3 parts. Daytime, Nighttime, and Aimee’s workshop. Other than that, what did you think about KCON?