WonFes 2017 Winter

WonFes 2017 Winter
The Wonder Festival or WonFes for short, is a semiannual event held in Makuhari Messe during February (Winter) and August (Summer). During my trip to Japan on February 2017, I was able to attend and experience it for the first time. I’ve always wanted to check this event ever since Danny Choo shared his photos on his blog a while back. I’m not much of a figure collector (I have a few >_<), but I do love admiring the details and quality of work put into them. Hopefully one day I'll get into marketing these figures in the near future.


To get advance tickets for WonFes, you have to get the book which is available at places like, animate, Gamers, or Kotobukiya in Akihabara. Thanks to @DancingQueen_DQ for the TIP!

Besides the entire event being great, I was also able to experience the people. People just like you and me that attend these events. Coming from Los Angeles, I’m not use to organized chaos, only chaos. People line up accordingly to take photos of figures and/or cosplayers. There were no bumping or cutting in line, everyone had their share of time in taking photos and admiring each figure. It’s hard explain, but it was very refreshing to see that organize chaos can exist, and maybe it’s only in Japan…