Archangel Light – Artamiel Prototype | Summoners War

archangel ligh artamiel summoners war
I got my hands on this Artamiel figure from Com2us. This is NOT the version that will be sold to consumers, this was a sample, a prototype figure. It’s missing a lot of detail and the colors are not great. Thanks goodness they are NOT releasing this version. However, it’s still worth taking a look see. The version dated for May 2017 is 100x much better, but it comes with a hefty price tag.

This is the version they will be releasing on May 2017. Not sure about the US market though, because I saw this at WonFes 2017 Winter during my visit in Japan. Could be Japan only item? We’ll know when May comes around. Priced at 7500 yen. However, look at the detail on those wings!

Update: Final Version of Figure –

Time for a look see on the sample figure of Artamiel…

At first glance Artamiel looks pretty decent. Not so bad.

The wings even have gradient detail.

However, as we take a closer look… The paint quality looks cheap, and it bleeds on some areas.

The shoulder crest is loose and was not applied properly.

You can remove the sword, move the arms by rotating the shoulder joins, the feet are movable, this figure has no legs, only a bar of soap underneath all the robe. Very limited movement. You have to get the right angle of the feet on a flat surface for it to stand on it’s own. Not very stable. The reason why I believe this figure of Artamiel was never released was the overall quality, it’s not good at all.

Com2us really cares a lot about their products and want the best for their audience. I’m sure they felt the same way when they saw this figure of Artamiel. Definitely a good move by not releasing this figure just to make a quick buck. I respect them for that. Let’s hope the May 2017 figures are not limited to only Japan and they start making more merchandise.

What are your thoughts on this figure? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Update: Final Version of Figure –