Cayde-6 | Destiny 2 – Bigshot Toyworks Pre-order Figure

cayde-6 destiny 2 pre-order figure
The online news that leaked a few days before the announcement trailer for Destiny 2 were true. GameStop was giving away a Cayde-6 Destiny 2 figure if you pre-order at the store. Limited quantity and a very good figure to have. A good giveaway tactic indeed! Hope you got yours today because these won’t last long.
pre-order destiny 2 at gamestop
I pre-ordered the Limited Edition for the season pass and it was not available from Amazon at that time. Remember, Amazon Prime members get pre-order discounts for games. You can grab your standard copy here.

Some of my photos look duplicated, but I just wanted to exaggerate the detail for such a small figure. It’s the small details that count.