Denny’s In Japan デニーズ

When you’re in Japan, visit a Denny’s. Yes, it’s completely different from the one here in the United States of America. When you walk in, there will be a small area with random misc. toys and snacks. Please wait to be seated… Once seated, you’ll notice some similar interior design from other Denny’s here in the USA, but it’s clean… Much cleaner… Now, the best part of Denny’s in Japan is the menu. Take a look for yourself! The desserts are so good too!

Did I mention the cool parking lot? Maybe not every Denny’s in Japan, but the one here in Chiba is like this.

A piece from 2010 Japan Trip 1 Day 2.
More reason to go to Denny’s in Japan by Rocket News 24, “A gourmet family restaurant? Six reasons why you should go to a Denny’s “.