Go’s Mart

Go’s Mart
22330 Sherman Way, Canoga Park, CA 91303. (818) 704-1459
Website: YELP

Wait what? An actually “SUSHI” place in the San Fernando Valley? Talk about RARE and a total HOLE IN A WALL place. Upon entering, you will feel intimidated by the chef. However, don’t worry… He just looks like that. He rarely smiles. BUT, I can guarantee you will be smiling while eating here. Fish is fresh, the rice is made properly, his cuts are generous, and the flavors will blow your mind. Yes, he will put real gold flakes on some of the sushi.

My JIRO in the Valley! This place is definitely a 5 star in my books because not only it’s close to where I live, it’s legit sushi. Price is $$$$ on Yelp, but it will cost you about $150 for Omakase. My usual is the Omakase plus Uni, and Ikura.