Yoshitake Sushi 鮨よしたけ • スシヨシタケ

A top sushi restaurant (3-star Michelin rating) called Yoshitake Sushi (鮨よしたけ • スシヨシタケ) in Ginza. Reserved 3 months in advance. Ranked better than Jiro Sushi. How was it? I’m not Anthony Michael Bourdain, that means I can’t express how amazing it was with words. All I can say is, please save up some money and try it for yourself, worth every penny! If I remember correctly, it only sat a few people…

Sushi Yoshitake | 鮨よしたけ • スシヨシタケ
銀座8-7-19 Chūō, 東京都 〒104-0061 Japan [Shinbashi Station]
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Chef Yoshitake was funny and entertaining, not intimidating like Jiro-san. If I can say one more thing about this place before you go… My jaw was hurting from smiling a lot, because every bite was so yummy! This currently tops number 1 as best sushi I’ve ever had.