Four Goddesses Online: Cyber Dimension Neptune – Import Guide | Walkthrough

four goddesses cyber dimension neptune
Many of you, us, the Hyperdimension Neptunia fans, can’t wait until Winter 2017 for the US release to play! I bought it after it released in Japan during my trip in February 2017. I figured, why not share some of my adventures in the game with you and hopefully, if you’re stuck, helps you progress and complete the game! Comment below if you require Japanese translation of the menus and such. I’ll do what I can to help you out. Thanks!

Battle Tutorial

Familiarize yourself in battle with a tutorial. Don’t forget to R2!

The R2 you have to time the second part, I was having a hard time!

Square – Attack
X – Jump
Triangle – Use Item
Circle – Confirm

R1 – Lock Target
R2 – Block
R2 timed – Guard Break
L1 – Skills Pop up
L2 – Dodge

Part 1

First dungeon after a short tutorial and a long filler story with the Goddesses.
Nothing too difficult, get yourself familiar with the controls while you go through the plains.
Boss – Easy.

Part 2

Part 2 Walkthrough. I’m skipping all the chit chat and bringing you only the dungeon runs!
Be careful, there is a monster that explodes. It looks like a leave at first, then it will unroot itself and fly around near you until it explodes. Use it to you advantage by running around hard enemies, and have it explode to kill or lower their HP.
The skeleton monsters hit pretty hard at your current level. Get use to using R2 to block or parry.
Boss – Easy.

Part 3

Don’t go to the underground dungeon just yet (NEW AREA), because you’ll be too low level. Instead go back to the Volcano again to fight Robot Boss, looks an an airplane from Transformers.
Boss – Easy
Note: Make sure you are completing your Quests. It’s the only way to progress in the game.

Part 4

This one is fairly easy and gives good EXP. Don’t forget to activate any quest before entering, as usual.
Run through this one and take your time. Lots of enemies to farm money and exp. Boss fight is a green airplane transformer with a hammer. Easy boss fight. Just stay behind him and you’ll be fine. He’s attacks are mainly focused in front and can easily be dodge. Muahahha!

Part 5

For this quest you have to activate it from the “Guild – ギルト”. You’ll see a gold icon and select it. If you don’t see it, you need to talk to the random Villager NPC that tells you about a forest… Once activated it will appear on your World Map.

EXP and MONEY! Enough enemies to level you up a few levels. If you want you can bring your lower level characters here and power level them. I suggest killing everything to get maximum EXP and Money gain, then do it again one more time as the Boss here hits pretty hard.

Boss fight: Flying bird. Give at least 2 of your characters the ability to heal. Dodge when the boss flies up in the air, it will charge for a fire strike that hits pretty decent. Dodge more here, and block less.

Part 6

To start this quest, you need to talk to everyone in town with at “!” sign on top of their heads. Then go to the Guild for quests. You will see a Boss fight quest. This Boss is on the Fire Mountain, you have to re-fight the robot airplane.

If you don’t can’t get that quest, that means you haven’t kills the Boss Doggy from the previous walkthrough… So do that.

Once you finish killing both Bosses, go back to the town, talk, and Guild again. This time there will be a cut scene which will end in another Guild quest.

Tada, you now have access to a new area!

Part 7

Ok this one was a pain for me because I could not figure out how to progress… However, it’s pretty simple once I figured it out. If you recently checked out my last gameplay and now continuing from where that left off, my advice is, complete all the quest requiring you to kill a certain amount of monsters. While doing so, it will trigger some scenes. You can’t progress unless you complete majority of your monster quests.

Buy keys from Iffy and Compa, you’ll need some (x10).

First cut scene at “オネイロ” (I don’t know much kanji, so I didn’t write the last two symbols)
-Check your quests to see if you need to hunt monsters here.
-Play through it because exp. You’ll be fighting 2 high HP bosses later. Also grab the locked chests if you missed them the first time around.

Second cut scene at “ロギ山” (I don’t know much kanji, so I didn’t write the last symbol)
-Yes back here again.
-Check your quests to see if you need to hunt monsters here. For me I had to kill, cats, and centipedes.
-No need to play through it. Get chests you may have missed.

Third cut scene at “テテュー” (I don’t know much kanji, so I didn’t write the last two symbols)
-You probably went here earlier in the game and realized all the monsters can one hit kill you… Now, they can’t and you can actually kill them now. Run around here for a bit and get good exp to level up.
-There are 2 portals. 1 for boss and 1 for an altar. The portal from on the LEFT side, leads to a boss. The portal on the RIGHT side, leads to the altar. The cut scene will be at the altar.
-The boss here is optional.
-Do take advantage of the monsters here though to bring up your exp.

Complete and turn in your monster quests.
Now you should see a “New” logo poped up on “ギルトランク4”(Guild Rank 4).
You need to kill a boss monster from the first area, which is the one under the townn. “アルフ” (I don’t know much kanji, so I didn’t write the last two symbols)
Turn in quest to get new boss monster quest for “イアールの” (I don’t know much kanji, so I didn’t write the last symbol)
Before you head out, you’ll see “キリア” (Kiria) pop up by the arean with an “!”. Talk to her.

That ends it for this walkthrough and enjoy the cut scene after boss fight, it’s pretty saucey ^_^

Part 8

New area! Finally! This one is easy…
Clean up the area, and pick up everything to gain maximum EXP.

No boss fight here. When you reach the area with 4 Demon Bosses, you DO NOT need to fight them. Run pass them and go to the event “!” area marked on your mini map.

Part 9

After you get booted off the last area (Night Forest), with the 4 Demon Bosses, you need to collect 3 stones.

Check you “Quests” and you’ll see an “Item Collection” Quest where you need to collect 3 stones. The area you need to go to is the one farthest to the right of your map, “アロデイ”.

As you obtain the items, the characters will be talking. Just collect everything and clear out the area.

When you turn in your quest, you’ll receive a new cut-scene. After, check again for available quests, you’ll have a new one available where you need to kill a new Boss. This will also unlock a new area.

Part 10

New area unlocked! Simple enough, clear the are and Boss fight at the end to complete the quest. Turn it in and talk to everyone in town. You should be able to get back in the Night Forest after all cut-scenes.

Part 11

By now you should be able to enter the Night Forest again. Play through and defeat the Boss.

Make sure you defeat and get everything. New chests and items are now accessible. A good rule of thumb is to always clear new dungeons to get max exp.

Hint: You’ll have 2 Boss fights, so make sure you’re geared up and stocked up on items.

Part 12

Before moving on. I decided to complete the monster hunt quests first! Once you complete that, go to the underground ruins at “テテュー” (I don’t know much kanji, so I didn’t write the last two symbols), and there will be a long cut-scene about the Goddesses! Yay!

Part 13

Need to kill 2 bosses to unlock the mission for the next chapter. One resides in the ヘステイ火ロ and the next one back at the mines, アロデイ (I don’t know much kanji, so I didn’t write the last two symbols). Writing half of the places should be enough for your to match the symbols ^_^

To be continued (つづく)

Where can I buy the Japanese version?

You can purchase from PlayAsia or Amazon. PlayAsia has all 3 Royal Editions, but Amazon only has Game Only. I got my Royal Edition at TRADERS in Akihabara and it came with the Cat Suit DLC and a Nepgear Wallscroll. - Buy Games & Codes for PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U and PC / Mac.

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