Overwatch – Beta Watch Out! Beta Not Cry!

Overwatch, Blizzard’s League of Legends mixed with Smite as I call it. It’s a first person shooter game but with a MOBA ability system. You choose your heroes, “champions”, and they all fall in the categories of, offense, defense, tank, and support. Each hero has their own unique abilities and and ultimate, “ult”. So what’s different about it? Let’s take a look at some of the characters I played during the beta.

UPDATE! (04.03.2016) Added Overwatch Animated Short | Alive

UPDATE! (03.21.2016) Added Overwatch Animated Short | Recall

The hero selection is pretty self explanatory. Overwatch categorized each hero within their own class. From left to right, Offense (bullet icon), defense (castle icon), tank (shield icon), and support (plus icon). The upper left where it says “ATTACK”, is your objective for this map. You can’t pick what team you’ll be in, it’s random. You’re either on the “ATTACK” team or the “DEFEND” team.

The game includes “TEAM TIPS”, which warns you that the current heroes picked are not recommended for a team play. However, you ARE able to change your hero after death… This really brings in a unique play style because depending on the current mission, or location, you can change from a full offense to full defense within the same match.  So “TEAM TIPS” is just a suggestion.

When you hold F1, you’ll get to see and learn about your hero’s abilities. Before every match, there is a warm up round where you can try out the abilities and get them memorized before the battle begins.

There’s no mana involve in Overwatch. The abilities have cooldowns and can be used over and over, except the Ultimate. You need to charge it up by hitting/killing enemies, and assisting your teammates.

For Zenyatta this is what it looks like. Makes your teammates invulnerable and are healed by your radiance.

If support isn’t your play style, like me, then the match won’t probably go well unless you have a good team comp. We actually lost this match >_<;

I’m a horrible support!

On to the next round. Overwatch has some gorgeous female heroes, like Pharah. If your play style are canons, rockets, and heavy ammo, she’s the hero for you.

Bastion is my favorite hero right now. He’s more of my play style.

Why Bastion is my favorite! 1, he’s a robot that likes animals. 2, He’s a gunner, my play style. 3, He transforms and touches himself, I mean heal, HEAL!

Here’s a good team comp right here. When Bastion transforms into a machine gun, he can’t move, and gains a mini shield for protection. However, my teammate in front can activate a huge shield protecting me while I clean up.

This is Bastion’s Ultimate. He becomes a mini mobile tank for a short time and does crazy damage and AOE.

The objective for this round was to defend all bases, but we lost all of them except this one. I was able to clean up 4 seconds before the match finished and base B being almost captured.


Overall the game was really fun. I had a blast during the Overwatch beta and got a feel on each character’s play style. Each hero is dependent off each other. The mechanics are much easier to understand but a little difficult to coordinate, just like most MOBA games, coordinate is key. I know Blizzard is calling this game their, “first-person multiplayer”. To me, it’s a MOBA. Just admit you made a MOBA Blizzard, no hard feelings on DOTA. The game will not be “free to play”, price is $39.99, for a multiplayer game only, currently they’re advertising the $59.99 Origins Edition which comes with skins and add on goodies. In my opinion, it’s a little pricey for what you’ll be paying for, that being said… I’m sure they have more up their sleeves. Maybe a campaign story of each heroes? I’m not quite sure, but that would explain the $39.99 price for JUST a “first-person multiplayer”. Available for PC, PS4, and XBOXONE.

More info on Overwatch and the different types of editions, please visit official website: (http://us.battle.net/overwatch/en/buy/)

Here’s me going over the tutorials, just to make sure I don’t miss anything important.

Bastion is definitely my favorite character right now. This was my best play during the beta weekend where the opposite team almost won, but I was able to save the game by killing them all before they captured area B, with 4 seconds left on the clock and almost a complete capture circle… Yay!

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