Starcraft II – BETA – Day 1

Starcraft II - BETA - Day 1

I can’t believe I got a Beta Account! I want to thank Jamelle L. and Kelly L. for hooking it up with a Beta Account! Thanks guys!
My first day with StarCraft II… I haven’t played in such a long time. Very interesting why it’s taking forever for the game to come out. Does anyone know why? Leave me a comment if you do. So here are some screenshots I grabbed for you guys to take a look at. Do you have a Beta Account too perhaps? Let’s play! ^_^ I’m not very good… I’m O.K.

The game is really fun and addicting! Everytime I play I’ll grab more screenshots for you guys to look at and maybe you can even give me some tips of how to kick butt. I’ll mainly be using Terran because I love robots and I like how the Mech Units can transform. I read that Terran makes these jet planes called Vikings that are similar to Macross Plus. They can transform into a ground unit? I have to check that out.