Tree of Savior – Beta Review

Thanks to @thebobness I was able to get my hands on the 2nd Closed BETA of the game. During my 8 hours of game play, I was able to make my character, a swordsman, and leveled him up to 32. The game is really fun to play, specially with friends or in a party. Tree of Savior is the next installment of games published by NEXON, and game development by IMC. According to Wikipedia, the game was made by Kim Hakkyu, creator of Ragnarok Online. I haven’t found out when the US release date yet, but I’m hoping we don’t have to wait a long gap like Blade and Soul.

This is the basic character selection screen after you’ve made a character. I made a swordsman and named her… I mean him, Noire Hyperdimension. ^_^

When creating a character, you get that scenic style creation instead of the basic standing still model. This one is inside a pub, I wanted to make a bartender, but it wouldn’t let me, every time I clicked on him, he’d just clean the same mug he’s been cleaning all his life.

I’m not going to get into the detail of each classes, but the choices of customizing right now are very limited and stats are as basic as they can possibly be. Classes available are swordsman, archer, wizard, and cleric. Each of those classes can be leveled up in ranks. Every time you rank up, a new class can be unlocked. Here’s a link explaining classes and ranks. (Tree of Savior Wiki – Classes)

Hello! Here I am in town just standing still.

Stats and Skills for a swordsman.


The awesome emotes your character can say and pose. Yes, you see it, and yes, he/she will pose the “Hadouken”.

Achieving top adventurer seems though. By completing tasks on your own, you can actually be recognized among other players.


A few bugs I’ve discovered while playing the beta. I’m sure some of you have come across these already.

  • Friend request is broken, doesn’t work.
  • Party invite works when it wants to.
  • Party members’ located on map do not update.
  • Party chat will always say, “You are currently not in a party”.
  • Market is broken.
  • When you hold attack button you sometimes stop attacking and can’t attack until you move around.
  • Fast traveling with statues sometimes needs a second click. The first time around, the map closes automatically.
  • You can see blank excel code in dialogue like, %$NO&DATA$USERNAME$%

When fighting a boss. Some of they have the ability to “knock back” or “toss”. When either one of these abilities are performed, sometimes you get stuck in the air. When you can stuck, DO NOT MOVE. It’s a cool trick. The boss can’t attack and hurt you, but you can attack it by just auto attacking. Happened a few times, here’s a video as proof.

Goofing off with friends on Tree of Savior closed beta with random people. Liking other players sends heart to them. LOL! ^_^, it’s great!

The game is really fun and still needs a lot of work. For me, that fact that your armor doesn’t change your character’s look is bothersome. I’m sure it won’t be like this in the final release. This is definitely something I see myself playing when it releases in the US. It’s fun, bosses aren’t too hard like Final Fantasy XIV.

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