Cosplay Partnership – Mandu Cosplay

Recently partnered with SoCal/LA based community cosplayer, Mandu Cosplay. She specializes in armors and props from any genre, video games, anime, movies, etc… She recently started welcoming commission projects and I’ve been her trusty assistant. Just thought I’d finally announce this news since I’ve been MIA for a while.

We just finished a commission for Kyumyu Cosplay on Aqua’s spear from Fire Emblem. Debuted at Fanime 2016.

Currently working on another commission for Hiroyuki Sei on Lulu’s Winter Staff from League of Legends. This will debut at Anime Expo 2016.

We are also working on Ara Haan’s alternate outfit commissioned by Elsword [KOG Games] for Anime Expo 2016. Mandu Cosplay has been hired by Elsword to create, and model at their booth during the week of Anime Expo 2016. She’ll be there all 4 days, so be sure to stop by and say hi.

Cosplay life is new to me and loving every moment. I’m hoping to learn a lot and someday be able to create something on my own. For now I’ll be learning as much as I can from Mandu Cosplay.

I got more things lined up this year too that I’ll be announcing once all the wheels are turning. For now, I’ll still be blogging here and there.