2010 Japan Trip 1 Day 1

2010 Japan Trip 1 Day 1

As many of you know I’ve been wanting to visit Japan for quite some time now. Finally! The day is here. I booked the ticket for this trip on September 2009. Yes, way ahead. That way I don’t accidentally spend the extra money I have saved up. I’ll be in Japan for 2 weeks. I think that’s too short, but it’s the most time I can get off work. I think the ideal vacation should be at least 2 – 3 months right? LOL!

From Narita Airport to Chiba. I just landed in Japan and saw a ETC unit inside the car, and I wanted to share how it work with Toll Gates in Japan.

Going up Tokyo Tower!

Going down Tokyo Tower!

So my first day in Japan was pretty crazy. Didn’t have time to take a nap or settle in. Got to Japan, dropped off my gear at my brother’s place and jammed straight to Tokyo Tower. Was I jet lagged? Not one bit. Was I tired… YES! We drove home and as soon as we got home I slept.