2010 Japan Trip 1 Day 2

2010 Japan Trip 1 Day 2

Got some really good sleep! Not jet lagged at all! Today I’m planning on getting a cellphone. Nothing too fancy, just a basic phone that I can use to call people. That way, I can wonder around and I can always call my brother for directions. I also have some friends here in Japan that I want contact and visit. Ok, 2nd day in Japan what’s for breakfast?

While driving around Chiba, I learned that Japan is very strict when it comes to parking because of the limited space available. So if you have a car and you want to park somewhere, most likely you’ll be paying for parking and you will see this device on the parking spot.

I just finished eating lunch and I thought I’d record some footage outside the Sushi Restaurant.

Driving towards Tokyo right now and this tunnel reminds me of the game Tokyo Extreme Racer.

It’s ok to watch TV in Japan, while drivng. Specially when you can watch it using your navi. The picture is not clear because the antenna in the car needs repair. However, you get the idea. This is really good when your stuck in traffic and need to watch some news or drama.

2nd day in Japan and so far so good and it was raining all afternoon too. Today I got a chance to see around town. I went around Chiba and Tokyo all day today. Tomorrow I’ll be going to Akihabara to check out the Gundam Cafe that just opened and of course other cool stores. Also that means I get to ride on the subways here, yay!