2010 Japan Trip 1 Day 3

2010 Japan Trip 1 Day 3

Woke up today freezing… I checked outside and it was raining! The day I’m going to Akihabara it rains… -_-; I won’t be able to take much pictures then. Teehee, that gives me a reason to come back to Akihabara another day ^_^. Another reason why I’m excited today is I get to finally ride the Subways and the JR Lines. Everyone told me the train in Japan in never late, and I say, that’s how it should be! Weeeh!

The rain is not going to stop me though. Why? Because I like the rain and I have an umbrella! Akiba here I come!

As you can see, it’s raining pretty hard now… Yup you guessed I’m still on my way to Akiba. LOL!

Upon entering the station… I saw this… THING! Where you shake your umbrella in!

This was all I can do… -_-; Sad… Just picked a random Maidcafe while walking around in the rain, in Akiba. This is where I wanted to take a bunch of pictures and videos but can’t. The Maids said I can not take any pictures or videos of them -_-; Has it always been like this or is it just this Maidcafe? Anyone know what Maidcafe where it is ok to take pictures and videos?

While looking for my Haro Alarm Clock, I happen to stumble upon this guy… I wonder if they have a Kamen Rider Black…

Akiba is a great place, even in the rain. It was raining all day and didn’t really stop until I got home for dinner. I think I’ll come back another time to take some more pictures when it’s not raining. There was so much walking… I never walked so much before! I need a foot massage or something. I need to lighten up the load on my backpack too. Well, tomorrow I’ll be going to Meiji Jingu and Harajuku. I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow…