2010 Japan Trip 1 Day 4

2010 Japan Trip 1 Day 4

Had to wake up a little early today… I forgot why. So, today I’ll be going to Meiji Jengu and going to walk around Harajuku. I forgot to talk about the trains in my 2010 Japan Trip Day 3, so I’ll continue here. Taking the Subways and the JR Lines yesterday was a blast. It’s true the train is never late. I was told it’s a very big deal in Japan if one is late. With a train setup like Japan, a car is pretty useless, unless of course you live in the country side.

While I was in Meiji Jingu, I witness a Japanese Wedding… It’s so pretty…

Trying to get to another area in Harajuku and saw this! I found that there was a V6 Concert across the street. I don’t know who V6 is, so I didn’t bother looking… Now if it was Arashi, that would be another story, heheh…

There was an event at a Park near Harajuku for May Day. So much food! Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki, Yakisoba, Hot Dogs, etc… Japanese street food everywhere! While I was eating I saw this guy and I decided to just record him while I eat my Takoyaki.

In Japan only right? I was at a store in Japan and I saw this Cell Phone. It can separate and act as a digital projector. I didn’t know how to separate it, so I asked my friend to show me. Anyone know what phone this is? I forgot the Brand and Name.

It was so hot and sunny today… I’m liking the way you get a round Japan. Being able to see and go places without needing a car is great… If California had the same public transportation as Japan, then it would be great! I wonder if that would ever happen… Tomorrow I’ll probably be resting and just stay in Chiba, I’m not use to all this walking… Yet!