2010 Japan Trip 1 Day 6

2010 Japan Trip 1 Day 6

The plan for today… Wake up, breakfast, film crazy Japanese Guy doing a wheely on a 50cc Scooter, meet up with a friend and go everywhere until we get tired… A little warm today… Why did I bring my jacket? Because I know I’ll be home really late. It get’s very cold here at night. It’s already May! Man time really flies when you are having fun. Let’s go!

Never seen this packet before… Ketchup and Mustard in a “No Mess” packet. Bend a squeeze… Amazing, leave it to Japan!

Japanese Ruff Ryder? The Crazy Japanese Scooter Man!

Was in Japan for Golden Week and hanging out at Edo-Tokyo Museum… There seems to be a kids event happening today. Lots of Traditional Japanese Arts and Craft.

I guess not only kids are involved, adults too. This is my first time in Japan for Golden Week, and I didn’t know there was an Event happening at Edo-Tokyo Museum…

This was inside the building next to the Edo-Tokyo Museum. The building where they have Sumo Fights and the Sumo Schools are located there also. Lots of media everywhere filming these Sumo Referees…

Found this one room where kids can have a go at it with the Junior Sumo Fighters. Looks fun… I wanted to try it out, but I guess it was only for kids… ^^;

I’m leaving the Edo-Tokyo Museum right now and I decided to film the escalators… Very cool because they go all the way down! Not straight, but with a bend.

Eating Okonomiyaki at one of the restaurants on Monja Street in Japan! Why was the place named Monja Street? Because there at Monja Restaurants right next to each other and one after the other…

Got home pretty late today… 1:00AM. Walked home as fast as I could, not because I was scare, it was because I wanted to go to sleep already… When the fun stops, that’s when you feel your body get tired and you get sleepy. I should’ve borrowed my brother’s bike and parked it at the station. Either way, another great day! Tomorrow I’ll be going to Nakano, to Naka Broadway. I heard there is an entier floor with just Figures. OH JOY!