2012 Phuket Thailand Trip 1 Day 8

2012 Bangkok Thailand Trip 1 Day 8

Day 8, Sharon and I flew from Bangkok to Phuket. Stayed at Kata Beach Resort & Spa for 3 nights. Upon arriving to the airport, we booked the usual tourists spots, Phuket Fantasea, Phi Phi Island Tour, and Elephant Safari. This is our first time staying at a resort with a beach, it’s so pretty and relaxing! The first thing we noticed are foreigners. Phuket seems to be a hot spot for honeymooning and family vacations, a lot of them are from New Zealand. We arrived at the resort a couple hours early and our room was not yet ready, so we had to wait a while. Took advantage of that time to walk around the resort and look for a place to eat.

After watching the show at Phuket Fantasea, I was very disappointed. The show had no story and direction. I was confused the entire show. The best part of the show was the introduction, That’s it. The rest was downhill from there. Nothing made sense on each act… It was so random. The show needs a lot of work and maybe they need to hire someone that can create a story that ties together with the theme.