2012 Phuket Thailand Trip 1 Day 9

2012 Bangkok Thailand Trip 1 Day 9

Day 9, Phi Phi Island time! Had to wake up extra early to get on the boat! I don’t even know where to start… Hands down, the best place I’ve ever been in my life. When you close your eyes and think about the word vacation, this is where you end up. Got on a boat, snorkeled, played with monkeys, ate, laid on the beach, relaxed, thought about the monkeys we met, and finally ate some roti to put me to sleep…

On a boat heading toward Phi Phi Island. I was surround by people from India, that’s why you don’t hear the Thai language. Does this count as an island or just a really huge rock?

My pov of Phi Phi Island. Relaxing at the beach after a big lunch. Enjoying the water, weather, sand, people, food… Definitely a good vacation spot.

My first time having roti. Spotted the cart while walking about Kata Beach, Phuket Thailand. This one is banana roti.