2014 Japan Trip Day 1

Technically this is day 2, but I arrived last night, so that didn’t really count. Back in Japan, for my birthday week! Staying at Hotel Niwa! Going to make this my main hotel everytime I come here, awesome place and it’s a few blocks from Tokyo Dome. Started off the day by hunting for some breakfast, like katsu curry with egg! Headed to Tokyo Skytree next, just to find out there was a 70 minute wait… Ditched that idea and browsed around the shops in the area. Found a nice floor with amazing desserts, so naturally I bought a lot and went back to the hotel to eat. Things like Hokkaido milk baked cheesecake, cheese fluff balls, and legit green tea (抹茶) cake.

After the food coma, went to Kichijouji to walk it off and visited, Toy Park! ^_^; Don’t care how old I get, toys are toys! A few hours passed and what do you know, it’s dinner time! Going to a top sushi restaurant called Yoshitake Sushi (よしたけすし) in Ginza. Reserved 3 months in advance. Ranked better than Jiro Sushi. How was it? I’m not Anthony Michael Bourdain, that means I can’t express how amazing it was with words. All I can say is, please save up some money and try it for yourself, worth every penny!

With a full stomach, and happy vibes all around because I just ate the best sushi I ever had in my life, headed straight for Ginza for some late night shopping… UNIQLO, done!