2014 Japan Trip Day 2

My birthday day and my friend Sayaka from Tokyo planned the entire day just for me, even took a day off from work ^_^ so nice! Woke up and headed straight for Mitaka Station. Right outside the station there is a bus stop that takes you directly to Studio Ghibili Museum. Sadly, no photography permitted inside the museum, photography only OK outside. The inside was amazing! The museum showcases, Miyazaki’s work, inspirations, and his natural talent for drawing a specific style. There is a 1:1 ratio Cat Bus from
Totoro inside, and I tried begging for a photo, but rules are rules, and got denied. My favorite room in the museum was “How Animation Works”. The room is filled with glass containers, and inside are figures that spun around really fast which were synced together with a strobe light. The result was an illusion that made the figures come to life. Outside the museum was a statue of a ‘Robot’ from Castle In The Sky (天空の城ラピュタ). So many childhood memories rushed all over and I was so happy.

A couple hours of drooling and looking like a 5 years old kid later, it was time to head out. Next stop! A taste of traditional Japanese green tea (抹茶). I love the bitterness of real Japanese green tea. 80% of the time, when you hear people say, “I love green tea”, it usually means sweetened milk green tea. That’s a big NO for me. So when you’re in Japan, always look for this, 抹茶. The tea cafe is very small, a grandma runs the whole thing. Serves me the tea and warned me it’s very bitter. I drank it like a dessert, and smiled…

Went back to Kichijouji after the tea cafe to just relax and hangout. Learned that Kichijouji is a very popular place to live in as of 2014. Stopped by a pet store because I miss my Pomeranian puppy, Pepper. After walking around for a bit, decided to get some appetizers at a popular Izakaya restaurant. Yes, before eating dinner. Ordered a few skewers, they cost about $1.00 or less per stick. I don’t really gain much weight when I’m in Japan. Lots of walking and the food is prepped much healthier than in the U.S.A. Got in trouble inside the restaurant because I bought my own snacks…

Dinner time! SUPER fancy place! I’ve always wanted to experience eating at a traditional Japanese restaurant and walk around real tatami. I’m sorry I forgot what the place was called, but I have a photo of the name, I can’t read kanji though… Comment below if you can translate for me. Private room(s), set meal, lots of food, made tofu (my favorite) on the table, and it was PINK! Overwhelmed with joy and happiness all day and all night. The best birthday day of my life! Studio Ghibili Museum, Japanese Green Tea, Izakaya, Traditional Japanese Dinner with pink tofu… Happy Birthday to me! Thank you Sayaka for planning the whole day! The best! Hard one to beat! Thank you!