2014 Japan Trip Day 3

Taking a chill day today, still tired from that awesome birthday day. Roamed around Ikebukuro for a bit, since it’s one of my favorite places to hang out at. Stopped by the Kit Kat factory early, which is actually not a factory. It’s just a small vendor style side store under the mall. Took some purikura right after, ate lunch at Sunshine City, AYCE shabu shabu and headed straight to visit a friend.

My friend had to recently convert his entire house into an office because of his business, so I got a tour around the house/office. His name is Danny, and he likes to take photos of stuff and blogs about the photos of the stuff he just took a photo of. If that makes any sense, he’s alright for the most part. Had some tea and crackers while we chatted about life. Went to Tsukishima for dinner. A spot that’s called, Monja Town. The entire street is nothing but Monja restaurants! I don’t go there for the Monja, I go there for this small bakery that sells 2 of my favorite things to get in Japan. Green Tea (抹茶) soft serve and Melon Pan (メロンパン). The best melon pan from my experience. Fresh and yes! That is all! Melon pan… *drool…