2014 Japan Trip Day 4

Tokyo Skytree, Asakusa, Gundam Museum, Gundam Gundam Gundam Gundam! The day I finally get to see the 1:1 life size
Gundam in Odaiba! Started off the day early to beat the line for Tokyo Skytree and the wait was only 5 minutes. Did the usual tourist style, gazing into the horizon. Tokyo Skytree is really high by the way, and it doesn’t feel as sketchy and unstable as Tokyo Tower. The elevator ride was smooth on the way up. If you have’t been, the view is amazing, specially at night, but the wait will be hours. Stopped by Asakusa to get some snacks on the way to Odaiba, my usual agemanju. As soon as arrived, I went straight to the museum. You can get the tickets there, or ahead of time at any 7-Eleven stores. I suggest doing that just in case tickets sell out at the museum. I can’t explain how amazing the museum is… Memories, childhood, happiness… Spent about an hour inside being a little boy and figuring how much stuff I can buy. After walking down memory lane, it was time… Time to see mobile suit… I was shaking, I drooled, and I stared… Before you know it, it was time to go home for dinner. Left Odaiba with pure joy and had to make a quick stop at Tokyo Station for some more KitKat and Tokyo Banana for friends and family. If you ever feel like buying souvenir, I recommend going to Tokyo Station. It has the good stuff like Pokemon, Tomica, Pocky, KitKat, Tokyo Banana, Rilakkuma, and more. After spending most of my money, I met up with my brother for Sushi dinner, and a few drinks.

Here’s a clip I caught of the Gundam moving it’s head. Also had some smoke and lights.