2014 Japan Trip Day 5

Enoshima (江の島) date day today with a good friend. You might know her as Danny Choo‘s boss. With her currently busy schedule, she took an entire day off to give me a tour of Enoshima, an offshore island in the city of Fujisawa. I am honored and thankful. Before meeting up, I stopped by Tokyo Station again to get more KitKat, hahah! Please don’t judge me. Met up Jay, Danny’s boss, at Kamakura Station and walked around “Shopping Town”. Lots of local goodies and snacks to eat on the way. Grabbed lunch at a famous eel (unagi) restaurant. I don’t remember the name nor able to read the Kanji, you’ll see which one I’m talking about with the photos below. I don’t like unagi as much as many of you probably… I’ll stick to ikura and uni. Now, to get to Enoshima you have to take a local train, the trip is not too long but it’s a great experience just looking out the window. Temples, it has lots of temples, shrines, totems, and places to pray. Stayed there pretty much the whole day with open spirits and met up with Danny for dinner close to their place.