2014 South Korea Trip Day 4

Today is going to be exciting, it’s Tuesday tech day, at least that’s what I’ll call it! Reserved a tour at SK Telecom’s ICT Museum to check out Korea’s leading telecommunications company to see what they have coming soon for the public. My main interested is to see the digital living room they built for my future house. Right after the tour, heading over to, Akihabara… Not exactly, but Seoul’s version of Akihabara. You’ll see it’s not the same as present day Japan’s, but if you want to time travel in the past, it looks like Japan’s original Electronic Town, Akihabara. Stopped by Seoul Station just to take a photo and headed straight to… Yes, shopping at, night market shopping in Doota! 275 Jangchungdan-ro, Jung-gu, 서울특별시 South Korea!