Ghibli Museum 三鷹の森ジブリ美術館

Went to Studio Ghibli Museum in 2014 during my Birthday. Sadly, no photos allowed inside the museum, but I was able to take photos outside, better than none! The Museum is located in Mitaka Tokyo. Right outside the Mitaka Station there is a bus stop that takes you directly to the Ghibili Museum. The tickets can be purchased in advance online or at Lawson.

Planning for the museum began in 1998. Construction started in March 2000, and the museum opened October 1, 2001.[1] Studio Ghibli director Hayao Miyazaki designed the museum himself, using storyboards similar to the ones he creates for his films. The design was influenced by European architecture such as the hilltop village of Calcata in Italy. The museum features internal and external spiral staircases built from iron, interior bridges, and balconies stretching throughout the building’s height. These stairways lead to exhibits, dead ends, and across bridges.[2] These characteristics are meant to reflect Miyazaki’s building designs displayed in his film work.[3] Miyazaki’s aim was to make the building itself part of the exhibit,[4] and for the museum to be an uplifting and relaxing experience “that makes you feel more enriched when you leave than when you entered”. The museum is described as a “portal to a storybook world.” [3] Hayao Miyazaki’s goal was also for people to experience the museum with their own eyes and ears. “Let’s get lost together” is the museum’s slogan, derived from Hayao Miyazaki’s vision for visitors to immerse themselves in his imagination and film work.[3][5]Wikipedia

The inside was amazing! The museum showcases, Miyazaki’s work, inspirations, and his natural talent for drawing a specific style. There is a 1:1 ratio Cat Bus from Totoro inside, and I tried begging for a photo, but rules are rules, and got denied. My favorite room in the museum was “How Animation Works”. The room is filled with glass containers, and inside are figures that spun around really fast which were synced together with a strobe light. The result was an illusion that made the figures come to life.

Outside the museum was a statue of a ‘Robot’ from Castle In The Sky (天空の城ラピュタ). So many childhood memories rushed all over and I was so happy.

A couple hours of drooling and looking like a 5 years old kid later, it was time to head out. Next stop! A taste of traditional Japanese green tea (抹茶). I love the bitterness of real Japanese green tea. 80% of the time, when you hear people say, “I love green tea”, it usually means sweetened milk green tea. That’s a big NO for me. So when you’re in Japan, always look for this, 抹茶. The tea cafe is very small and is located right out the Mitaka Station. A grandma runs the whole thing. Serves me the tea and warned me it’s very bitter. I drank it like a dessert, and smiled…

A piece from 2014 Japan Trip Day 2.