Gundam Front Tokyo

Gundam Gundam Gundam Gundam! I can’t explain how amazing the museum is… Memories, childhood, happiness… You can get the tickets there, or ahead of time at any 7-Eleven stores. I suggest doing that just in case tickets sell out at the museum. Spent about an hour inside being a little boy and figuring how much stuff I can buy. After walking down memory lane, it was time… Time to see mobile suit… I was shaking, I drooled, and I stared…

Almost forgot to mention. You can also buy the photo tickets for the Gundam cockpit at 7-Eleven. The photo station even has uniforms you can wear from your favorite squad(s). That being said, I highly suggest, buying tickets ahead of time because they are pretty limited for that specific day. Don’t risk it, specially if you are on a short trip.

Here’s a clip I caught of the Gundam moving it’s head. Also had some smoke and lights.

A piece from 2014 Japan Trip Day 4