Pug Cafe In Kyoto – ドッグサロン リビングルーム

Pug Cafe in Kyoto
Of course I visited the Pug Cafe in Kyoto while in Japan! I’ve been seeing the “Pug Cafe in Japan” videos on Facebook and on the Internets. I wanted to see the Pug babies too! Mandu and I love dogs, and this was a MUST visit place for us. Unlike the usual dog, cat, owl cafes available in Tokyo, this cafe only has Pugs. So, if you love Pugs like us, you have to go here. Reservations are required, about 1 to 2 weeks ahead of time. I’ve included the information below on how to get there and contact them.

Dog Salon Living Room ドッグサロン リビングルーム
Address: Japan, 〒615-8017 Kyōto-fu, Kyōto-shi, Nishikyō-ku, Katsurakawatachō, 151, SELENE桂
Phone: +81 75-874-7989
Website: https://www.kyotopug.com/


The place looks like a house. Upon arriving, ring the door bell and someone will open the door asking for your reservation name. No reservation, no entry. Once your reservation has been confirmed, you take off your shoes, and you leave any bags and coats on the same floor you entered. You will be instructed to go up stairs for the Living Room Cafe. Make sure you enter swiftly as the Pug babies will be excited to see you.

For 1000 yen each person, you’ll get unlimited time with the pugs and it includes snacks and drinks. If you run out of snacks or drinks, you can always request a refill for a small fee. The cafe is quite limited on space, so do be careful of you surrounds as they jump on you for love and snacks. Check out this video below if you feel like the photos above didn’t do justice.

Mandu and I went to Japan and visited The Pug Cafe in Kyoto. This video features the elegance and the majestic-ness of the Pugs. We have here in a unique POV experience ^^;

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